Career Profile

Backend oriented web developer with DevOps skills. Highly resourceful, flexible and enthusiastic. Able to lead a project, plan and stick to timeline and scope. Having experience in many different projects. Keen to find a challenging position within an ambitious team.


Senior Software Engineer

08.2020 - Present
Anixe, Wrocław

Team leader

12.2019 - Present
Anixe, Wrocław

Software Engineer

08.2018 - 07.2020
Anixe, Wrocław

I've decided that it's time for something new. Being grateful for everything to my previous company, I've moved to Anixe. This part is still WIP tho ;) For now I'm a part of a team of 6 people, responsible for IBE for an airline.

Lead Developer

06.2017 - 07.2018
Naturaily, Wrocław

I was lucky enough to become a lead developer in a project, which my company had to create from scratch. So in a team of 3, we had to come up with some nice-scaling app architecture, plan the database and finally develop the application itself. I worked with everything from creating architecture and programming through DevOpsing to project managing.

Ruby on Rails Developer

01.2016 - 07.2018
Naturaily, Wrocław

After I've got some experience, I could call myself a mid developer. During this time I have been responsible for things like:

  • developing and maintaining applications (in teams from 1 to 5 people),
  • taking care of a few production servers,
  • taking care of company's internal infrastructure (git, CI/CD stack, servers, staging env),
  • introducing Docker to company's dev stack.
I've also made a few internal presentations/workshops on technical topics.

Junior Ruby on Rails Developer

08.2015 - 01.2016
Naturaily, Wrocław

Although I had some knowledge from my studies, I had to learn ... a lot! I worked in teams of 1-2 people. I was responsible for writing missing unit tests and adding new features to applications. When I was a one-man-army, obviously my responsibilities were deploying applications, monitoring production environments and fixing bugs.

Skills & Proficiency

Ruby on Rails